Enthusiasts by nature and experts in profession – in one place and time meet as a team to act for common ideas, creating a civil society. We discover and connect people’s undiscovered potentials and
release their creative energy. We build bonds and relationships, we create space for cooperation. We take up challenges, break fresh ground and share our experiences with local communities, local governments
and NGOs. Our passion is social development.

Business areas

Elblag Association for Non Governmental Initiative Support is an organization that flexibly and dynamically adjusts its structure to tasks. It currently employs nearly 90 people that lead projects in the following areas:


We care for development, integration and promotion of regional NGOs
We support volunteerism and civil activities
We support entrepreneurship, social economy and CSR
We support public, social and business partnership development
We participate in creating public policy
We support social initiatives

This is experience we have gained for over 20 years.

  • Trainings
    • We organize professional trainings for various groups of recipients. They are always run by experienced trainers, experts in their field.
  • Consultancy
    • We provide professional support in the field of launching social economy enterprises, accounting, project implementation.
  • Research
    • We assist in planning and carrying out social consultations, provide advisory and training, we have a team of experienced moderators.
  • Animation
    • We have wide experience in working with local communities. We stimulate people to act, to take care of their nearest surroundings. We specialize in networking, that supports creation and development of partnerships, networks of non-governmental organizations.
  • Public consultation
    • We assist in planning and carrying out social consultations, provide advisory and training, we have a team of experienced moderators.
  • Study visits
    • We organize visits to interesting and creative places. We show prosperous social enterprises and active local communities.
  • Evaluation
    • We examine the effectiveness of the actions taken. We have right tools and experienced evaluators for such tasks.
  • Civic media
    • We run a studio equipped in modern media facilities. We have experience in creating movies, spots, reports, interviews. We are a publisher of a paper-edition of a non-governmental periodic, we run a regional website for non-governmental organizations
  • Project management
    • We plan and implement projects. We gained extensive experience in this field. Over last 20 years we created and run round 200 project applications.


Get to know us

The Association was established in 1995. Its activities are carried out at local and regional level in Warmia and Mazury province, where more than 6,000 organizations are active. Its mission is to create civil society
by supporting non-governmental organizations as well as social initiatives. We cooperate with Polish and international NGOs and institutions in Poland. We are member of Net of SPLOT Network for Support of NGOs.

For many years, ESWIP has formed a team that consists of people who like what they do. The mission of the association is our signpost. We work with commitment and enthusiasm. Our passion is social development.

We are an expert organization. We're trying to be one step ahead. We are constantly improving our competences, we are training, we care for internal development. We take on challenges and we clear the trails. We operate based on standards. Professionally. Ethically.

Our successes are the successes of the entire team. We can count on each other. We help each other, thanks to which we help others better. Thanks to teamwork, we can implement so many interrelated activities at the same time.


We are a member of



Headquarters in Elbląg
ul. Związku Jaszczurczego 17
82-300 Elbląg

tel. +48 55 236 27 16
fax +48 55 235 33 88

The office is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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Office in Olsztyn
Regionalny Ośrodek Wspierania Organizacji Pozarządowych
ul. Warmińska 14, lok. 21
10-545 Olsztyn

tel. +48 89 523 73 45
fax +48 89 519 03 44

The office is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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Elbląskie Stowarzyszenie Wspierania Inicjatyw Pozarządowych
ul. Związku Jaszczurczego 17
82-300 Elbląg

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